Here and Now

Here and Now



I sometimes feel like time is going so fast and I worry that I’m not fitting in all I want to do, see, feel, be, experience, BUT in doing so, I miss out on what is happening in the here and now. And there is so much happening. I want to give my all to this moment. To live each day as it presents itself.

After I hit 50 living the moment started taking on new meaning for me. I think the preciousness of time really sunk in my brain. LIVE the moment. And, don’t be so impatient. Take action towards the life I want to live and just see what happens. One of the great things about aging is the ability to let go of caring so much about what others think, allowing us to live our true self, and to me, this has helped me live in the moment as well.

My husband and I are in Lyon, France for three months for his job, three months that is already almost half over, but I have found myself not being anxious for what I can cram in to the experience, but just enjoying each day as it presents itself. I just returned from a week in Tbilisi, Georgia with my sister and there was so much I didn’t see; however, I noticed that I didn’t let that freak me out as it would have in the past. I truly enjoyed each moment I was there, and what each day presented. I think this might be called PEACE. I like this feeling.


How are you living in the moment? What have you learned in the process? Please share in the comments and if you like this, share with your friends by pushing the little social buttons.

Keep RAging my friends!

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  1. Thank you, Jane, for this advice. Although I try to live each day and not focus on the future, often I find myself preparing for the future and the “what ifs” of life. I believe in order to truly feel at peace, we must enjoy the moment. I want to age radically (and split my infinitives).


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