Radical Aging


Action relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something;


the process of growing old

taking positive ACTION towards 

the fundamental nature of aging!

Keep Moving

Walk, Run, Bike, Hike, Climb

Just MOVE!

Eat Healthy

Unprocessed, real food! 

Enjoy Beauty

Take time in nature,

embrace spiritual wellbeing!

“When you are close to death will you regret missing a TV show? Or will you regret not learning, loving, being, creating, moving…?” 

-Jane Thompson Hasenmueller




“There IS a fountain of youth: It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will have truly defeated age.” 

-Sophia Loren

Meaning and how to find it in your life

Meaning and how to find it in your life

How to find meaning in your life Ever wonder what the meaning of life is all about? How do we find meaning in our lives when we work, in say, a factory doing the same thing over and over? Or running a cash register at a retail business? Or teaching children who are totally disengaged? Basically, you could add any job to this list. How do we find meaning in any of them? Maybe we’re applying meaning to the wrong thing When the Jews were all herded into prison/death camps during World War II, they were stripped of everything. All their possessions were taken away, they no longer had a name, but a number. Their clothes were gone and they were given ill-fitting uniforms, or the castoffs of the dead, mismatched and tattered. Whatever their profession had been didn’t matter any more. They were nothing but chattel in the eyes of their captors. In Viktor Frankl’s, Man’s Search for Meaning, he says they lost what they thought had meaning and soon found that meaning actually came from love, humor, kindness, and being human. Granted, not all prisoner’s grasped this, but those who did, and were not gassed or killed otherwise, they were the ones who fought to live, to keep going no matter how horrific the conditions. By the way, his book is really good. Finding meaning as we age For many years in my life, I defined myself by my jobs in education and I sometimes slide back into that if I think someone doesn’t take me seriously as a writer and health coach. I’ll slip in that I was an educator and... read more
Why we all need sistering in our lives

Why we all need sistering in our lives

Why we all need sistering What is sistering: I learned the term sistering yesterday: the reinforcement of a structural member by nailing or attaching a stronger piece to a weaker piece. (from the Dictionary of Construction) Now before you think I’ve gone into construction, let me explain. Glennon Doyle Melton‘s new book, Love Warrior, was released yesterday and Marie Forleo interviewed her on MarieTV. (If you don’t know about these two ladies, you should so be sure and click on them.) Glennon used this term to explain how much we need our sisters, whether biological or not. And guys, if you’re reading, you need your brothers in the same way. I’ve been blessed with two amazing sisters. We are so different, but we love each other and look out for one another. I’ve also been blessed with some amazing sister friends over my lifetime. When do we need sistering: We’ve all had tough times in our life. Going it alone makes the difficulties hard to bear. However, when we reach out for support from those closest to us, the burden is shared, making us stronger. My sisters were there for me when I went through a divorce sixteen years ago. I couldn’t talk to my parents about what I was facing, but my sisters were there and helped me through. I also had some friend sisters that helped pull me out of the deepest darkest moments, to get me back on my feet. You often find out who your true friends are when you face a crisis because only they will have your back. Why is sistering important: As a certified health coach, I... read more
Do you have two stomachs?

Do you have two stomachs?

Do you have two stomachs? Two stomachs? What kind of crazy question is that, Jane? I get the feeling many people think they have two stomachs, one for food, and one for the drugs they take. The drugs stomach sends this amazing miracle drug throughout their bodies doing the job for which it was meant. Then the other stomach is for food and the food goes there, is digested and whatever isn’t digested gets pushed out you know where. I mean food is just calories, right? No food, eventually you die. Right? Well, yes and no. No, two stomachs don’t exist Of course we only have one stomach, but why do we think that the drugs we digest do amazing things in our bodies and food has no effect except as calories in and calories out? The truth is, food is powerful medicine. What we eat is as powerful as any medicine you might be prescribed, and more often than not, the food out performs the medicine. Every thing ingested does something to the body. Leveraging what you eat for the best outcome is what we all need to work on. How to deal with one stomach Feed your stomach nutrient dense foods. Vegetables and fruits are the first defense against weight gain and disease. When you load up on these every day, they will work miracles on your body. Add at least a cup to cup and a half of legumes and amazing things begin to happen, like your colon stays cleaned out. Cut out dairy and no more constipation and no more acne. And you didn’t have... read more

“No one can avoid aging, but aging productively is something else.”

-Katharine Graham