Are You Ready for a Challenge?

Are You Ready for a Challenge?

Are you ready for a Challenge? Are you ready to get out of a rut? Do something new? Up your game? I am here to challenge you, for the month of June, to do something outside your comfort zone. Something that changes your brain. Makes you stretch. Turns you on. But this is the thing, I don’t know what that challenge is for you, you have to decide what your challenge will be. Yup! It’s totally up to you.

We know that as we age, our brains and bodies change in subtle, and unfortunately, not so subtle ways. We forget why we were going in the kitchen or we can’t turn our head far enough to look over our shoulder anymore. We lose our ability to balance, resulting in falls and broken bones. We forget names and places. But get this, we don’t have to at all.

Brain science is showing we can still learn, but it takes getting out of our rut. Creating new patterns. And physiology shows we can keep our bodies in reasonable shape by moving everyday. “Use it or lose it” is not just an idle saying, whether we’re talking about our brains or our bodies.

I want to ride my bicycle, so I have joined the Great Cycle Challenge and I’m going to ride 300 MILES in the month of June. How crazy am I??? I just decided if I was going to do it, it had to be something that will really make me work hard and ten miles a day is not too bad, but it means if I miss a day I have to make it up somehow. A body challenge for sure. Then I’m taking on French lessons. Now that’s a brain challenge.

Anyone want to join me? You don’t have to ride 300 miles on your bicycle. You could ride 30 instead. And the Great Cycle Challenge is about raising money for kids with cancer. I hope to raise $500. Don’t want to ride at all? Then consider pledging support. You can do that here. Maybe hiking or walking or running is more your thing. Come up with a challenge for yourself.

So what will your challenge(s) be? Though my physical challenge is for the month of June, my brain challenge is going to be on going. I hope you will let us know your challenge in the comments below or come on over to the FB page and let us know there. Here’s a great challenge for you too!

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Most of all, dear readers, Keep RAging!!!



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