Do you have two stomachs?

Do you have two stomachs?

Do you have two stomachs?

Two stomachs? What kind of crazy question is that, Jane? I get the feeling many people think they have two stomachs, one for food, and one for the drugs they take. The drugs stomach sends this amazing miracle drug throughout their bodies doing the job for which it was meant. Then the other stomach is for food and the food goes there, is digested and whatever isn’t digested gets pushed out you know where. I mean food is just calories, right? No food, eventually you die. Right? Well, yes and no.

No, two stomachs don’t exist

Of course we only have one stomach, but why do we think that the drugs we digest do amazing things in our bodies and food has no effect except as calories in and calories out? The truth is, food is powerful medicine. What we eat is as powerful as any medicine you might be prescribed, and more often than not, the food out performs the medicine. Every thing ingested does something to the body. Leveraging what you eat for the best outcome is what we all need to work on.

How to deal with one stomach

Feed your stomach nutrient dense foods. Vegetables and fruits are the first defense against weight gain and disease. When you load up on these every day, they will work miracles on your body. Add at least a cup to cup and a half of legumes and amazing things begin to happen, like your colon stays cleaned out. Cut out dairy and no more constipation and no more acne. And you didn’t have to take a single drug for this to happen.

What’s the takeaway?

Consider the impact of everything you put in your mouth, be it food or prescribed drug. Both go to the same place, and both will have an outcome on your body. With the long list of side effects listed on most drugs these days, I think I’ll hedge my bets with a plant based diet. Check out for information on any food. This non-profit, no advertising accepted, website is full of great info.

Hey Radical Agers, I know I talk about diet a lot, but what we eat is the foundation for the health of our bodies. If you are interested in trying out a plant based diet, you don’t have to jump in 100% over night. Start by adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Experiment with new recipes. Cut your meat/poultry/fish intake down to no more than 10 ounces A WEEK, with the goal eventually being to eliminate meat entirely. Education is the key. If you like this, please share the love!

Keep RAging! 


  1. Food for thought Jane…it totally makes sense. Thanks for the good advice.

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for reading!


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