I believe now is the time to be RADICAL about our expectations on aging. We CAN age in a healthy, happy and beautiful manner. Avoiding big pharma drugs is possible. We can stay active and vital till we simply die of old age.  Wearing whatever we want at whatever age is ours for the taking. This is a place to celebrate our love of life. To support each other in health and beauty.To share ideas and create. To achieve our healthiest and happiest life.

If you believe you can take control of your health, this is the place for YOU!

If you believe you are a unique individual with a gift to give the world every day, this is the place for YOU!

Let us not go gentle into that good night!

Jane is a Certified Integrative Health Coach. She loves to write, read, ride her bike(s) (how many can one woman have???), hike, camp, have dinner parties and have people over for tea. She has landed in her dream location, Santa Fe, NM, and lives a well traveled life. What does an Integrative Health Coach do??? Kicks your butt into gear so you can get healthy and stay that way! If you want to hire the coach, just let her know and she’ll work out a program especially for YOU!

Keep RAging!