Kindness in a vicious voting cycle

Kindness in a vicious voting cycle

Kindness in a vicious voting cycle

Kindness seems a casualty in the vicious comments and rhetoric that surrounds us right now. Whether it’s social media in your own feed, or the pseudo-news channels, we are inundated. I posted some thoughts to my Facebook page earlier this week about the campaign. I had a great discussion going on between my readers, until a personal attack appeared amongst the postings. Yikes! I quickly reminded posters that discussion is great, attacks not so great. Everyone got back on track, and the attacker disappeared.

I am currently reading for the second time, The Power of Kindness: The Unexpected Benefits of Leading a compassionate Life, by Piero Ferrucci. I’m growing weary of the unkindness I see and hear everyday regarding politics. This book has me thinking about the effects of being kind.  How do we stay kind in this craziness?


Why Kindness Matters

While we may, or may not, see kindness in our up close and personal worlds, finding demonstrations on the news or in many television shows, is just not happening. Vicious attacks, mean-spirited comments, and rudeness are demonstrated in a daily dose. Unfortunately that bleeds into our lives. Remember the pay it forward commercials of some insurance company? When we see or hear kindness, we are more likely to engage in a kind act ourselves. Kindness begets kindness.

This is an unexpected side benefit, and one to especially keep in mind right now. “[Kindness is] the most economic attitude there is…it saves us energy we might otherwise waste in suspicion, worry, resentment, manipulation, or unnecessary defense. It is an attitude that, by eliminating the inessential, brings us back to the simplicity of being.” -Piero Ferrucci


Why We Should Implement Kindness

Being kind is being our best self. Being kind allows us to listen, to really hear what someone else has to say. When we respect others and allow them an opinion without tearing them apart, or dismissing them from our lives, we are standing for what this country used to believe in, freedom of speech. Stand up for what you believe in, absolutely. Disagree vehemently, but do it with knowledge, with researched arguments, with kindness. And don’t think I’m being all pollyanna about this. I get it. People become impassioned about their beliefs. That is fantastic! We are a diverse people and we need to cherish this and protect ourselves from becoming so politically correct that we infantilize our society.

We need to speak up. We need to stand for what we believe in. We just need to be kind in our approach. Kindness is the key to transforming our lives, transforming the lives of others, and likely is the key to transforming our world.

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  1. Inspiring and timely thoughts from one of the kindest people I know. I’ve always been big on “consideration,” thinking it one of the finest and most valuable character-traits a person can nurture in themselves. Goes hand-in-hand with kindness.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Please keep writing. 🙂


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