Radical Aging


Action relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something;


the process of growing old

taking positive ACTION towards 

the fundamental nature of aging!

Keep Moving

Walk, Run, Bike, Hike, Climb

Just MOVE!

Eat Healthy

Unprocessed, real food! 

Enjoy Beauty

Take time in nature,

embrace spiritual wellbeing!

“When you are close to death will you regret missing a TV show? Or will you regret not learning, loving, being, creating, moving…?” 

-Jane Thompson Hasenmueller




“There IS a fountain of youth: It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will have truly defeated age.” 

-Sophia Loren

A 5 Day Water Fast: How, Why and What I learned

A 5 Day Water Fast: How, Why and What I learned

A 5 Day water fast, words that said out loud get some interesting responses, but deserve a little explanation. I decided to do a 5 day water fast after a lot of research and some experimenting with intermittent fasting. My first introduction to the water fast was in the documentary, The Science of Fasting. This documentary details the benefits of fasting and how it affects the aging process. I started looking for more information and discovered the use of intermittent fasting to maintain body weight and/or lose weight. What I found most fascinating though, was that by fasting you give your body a break from insulin production and in a world where more and more people are pre-diabetic or have full blown diabetes 2, this is good to know.  For several months before I did the 5 day fast, I was intermittent fasting. What that means is I gave myself a full 16 hour window free of eating. If I stopped eating by 8:00 pm at night, then the next day I wouldn’t eat until noon. I did this three to four times a week. The week before my 5 day fast, I did a 24 hour fast by finishing eating by 6:00 pm one night and not eating again till 6:00 pm the next. Each time the process got easier, until I knew I was ready to go for 5 days. I decided to do my 5 day water fast while my husband was on a work trip. This way I had no temptations by watching him eat. All food was placed out of sight. My work week... read more
Where I’ve been….

Where I’ve been….

Radical Agers! You might have noticed I’ve been on a hiatus for some time now, but I haven’t deserted my site, I simply had to refocus my attention for awhile. Not only did I give up blogging, but I gave up social media as well. My concentration improved almost over night and allowed me to work harder and longer. I highly recommend it. I’ll tell you more about it in a future post. However, now I promised to tell you why I haven’t been hanging out here. So where have I been??? I’ve been novel writing for the past year and a half and I finally finished! The experience was intense, requiring lots of research and study. But I found it to be an incredible process. The responses from my beta readers have been encouraging, which makes finding an agent more hopeful. This work is exciting. I will keep you posted and be back soon to tell you not only about why I gave up social media, but about the five day water fast I completed this January! Turns out fasting is the best anti-aging, immunity building program/product on the market and guess what? It’s totally FREE! I’ll fill you in soon! Keep... read more
Pilates, have you given it a daily try?

Pilates, have you given it a daily try?

Have you tried daily Pilates? Pilates! About 12 years ago I bought Pilates for Dummies on VHS. (Remember VHS?) And I really loved it. Did it for a couple of years then got heavy into running and sort of fell off the bandwagon, BUT…I just started back up and let me tell you, I LOVE IT! I forgot how great it feels and how great a work out in not much time. Why Pilates? The great thing about Pilates is that it really works out your entire body. I felt the pain in my core when I started up again, but now I’m starting to move past that. This is what I have noticed though, my all over stiffness that I usually feel any time I stand up after a bit of sitting, has gone away. How cool is that? And one of the aspects I love about Pilates is that there are few exercises that require weight on my wrists and hands, the joints where I have a bit of Osteoarthritis. Working out at home. I have friends who tell me they just can’t stick to a workout at home. If this is you, but you seem to never be able to get to the gym, coax yourself by thinking about how much time you save staying at home. No driving, fighting traffic or searching for a parking place. Up the ante by rolling your mat out before bed each night and know when you get up in the morning you can just pop on over and do the work. How to get started. There is no need to buy a video... read more

“No one can avoid aging, but aging productively is something else.”

-Katharine Graham