Pilates, have you given it a daily try?

Pilates, have you given it a daily try?

Have you tried daily Pilates?

Pilates! About 12 years ago I bought Pilates for Dummies on VHS. (Remember VHS?) And I really loved it. Did it for a couple of years then got heavy into running and sort of fell off the bandwagon, BUT…I just started back up and let me tell you, I LOVE IT! I forgot how great it feels and how great a work out in not much time.

Why Pilates?

The great thing about Pilates is that it really works out your entire body. I felt the pain in my core when I started up again, but now I’m starting to move past that. This is what I have noticed though, my all over stiffness that I usually feel any time I stand up after a bit of sitting, has gone away. How cool is that? And one of the aspects I love about Pilates is that there are few exercises that require weight on my wrists and hands, the joints where I have a bit of Osteoarthritis.

Working out at home.

I have friends who tell me they just can’t stick to a workout at home. If this is you, but you seem to never be able to get to the gym, coax yourself by thinking about how much time you save staying at home. No driving, fighting traffic or searching for a parking place. Up the ante by rolling your mat out before bed each night and know when you get up in the morning you can just pop on over and do the work.

How to get started.

There is no need to buy a video if you don’t want to. You can sign up for all kinds of exercise classes on line. I actually signed up for a thirty day, ten minute Pilates class several weeks ago, but this is what happened: I got started, found a group of friends interested and so we formed a FB group to cheer one another on, and within a week, only a couple of us were still going and I quit by the end of the second week. WHY? Because ten minutes seemed pointless and somedays she told us to go back and pick one of the former routines to do, which always seemed a let down. And, I don’t think ten minutes required any sort of commitment. That’s when I found my old Pilates for Dummies routine on DVD and ordered it. Sure enough, a longer routine has been easier to stick to, especially that I am now feeling the results. If you decide to go with on-line, make sure it’s something you find worth the effort, then you’ll stick with it.

And the other great thing?

You can take Pilates anywhere, and like Yoga, all you need is a mat or towel, but unlike yoga, if you don’t have a mat, you can still workout because your not going to slip and slide trying to do poses. I’m on the road right now and have managed to work out every day and I can tell the difference. This is a crazy road trip with lots of driving, so being able to stretch it out is really helping.

What are you doing to stay fit?

The easiest exercise in the world is walking. If you only do this for an hour a day, you’re way ahead of the curve, but adding in something that gives you the allover tone like Pilates, will put you into much better moving shape and as we age, moving and grooving is what we want to keep in order. Right? And don’t forget balance, key to not ending up with a broken bone. Share with us what you do to stay fit, or maybe you just need some encouragement to get started. Let us know in the comments below.

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Keep RAging! 


  1. My son’s grandpa walks the golf course after hours and picks up golf balls. I do crunches when boy is making sure I haven’t left his room when he is going to sleep. And lunges while walking, and the gym when I can.

  2. I thought of this post when I saw some 50+ ladies doing an ice-skating lesson, going on one foot (!), backwards (!), zigging in &out, at the Genoveva Chavez Community Center on Rodeo a few weeks ago. I was thinking about Isnt That Dangerous?! What if you break a bone!!!! but tried not to project it, while marveling at their ability. I hope I don’t worry about breaking a bone before it’s actually a thing to worry about!

    • Strong bones are obtained through exercise and a healthy diet so don’t worry! We should all work on our balance though. I stand on one leg while I brush my teeth, switching halfway to get both sides. Doing balance exercises through out life can help prevent broken bones later. Yoga and Pilates are great ways of building balance.


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