Where I’ve been….

Where I’ve been….

Radical Agers! You might have noticed I’ve been on a hiatus for some time now, but I haven’t deserted my site, I simply had to refocus my attention for awhile. Not only did I give up blogging, but I gave up social media as well. My concentration improved almost over night and allowed me to work harder and longer. I highly recommend it. I’ll tell you more about it in a future post. However, now I promised to tell you why I haven’t been hanging out here.

So where have I been???

I’ve been novel writing for the past year and a half and I finally finished! The experience was intense, requiring lots of research and study. But I found it to be an incredible process. The responses from my beta readers have been encouraging, which makes finding an agent more hopeful. This work is exciting. I will keep you posted and be back soon to tell you not only about why I gave up social media, but about the five day water fast I completed this January! Turns out fasting is the best anti-aging, immunity building program/product on the market and guess what? It’s totally FREE! I’ll fill you in soon!

Keep RAging!


  1. Water only? For the fast. Nothing else?

    • Yes. Nothing else!


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