What is Radical Aging?

What is Radical Aging?

What is Radical Aging?  It is the ACTION relating to and affecting the fundamental nature of aging. We are all aging, no doubt, but how we go about it is the question that needs a different answer than the one big pharma and big food are giving us.

I don’t know about you, but when I hit 50, I started thinking a lot about the aging process. I didn’t want to be one of those people sucking down handfuls of drugs everyday and sitting in the doctor’s office on a regular basis, gradually gaining weight and becoming disease ridden, but I wasn’t sure how to avoid those things. Then I went to nutrition school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and that experience totally changed my outlook on aging. I learned how food affects every aspect of our lives. We studied numerous nutrition theories, and through these studies, and lots and lots of further research, I discovered just how important nutrition is to life long health. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I am excited about the aging process now, even though there are a lot of unknowns still ahead. As a life long learner, I intend to keep studying health and nutrition so I can share the news, that what we eat matters, food is our medicine and we can use food to heal ourselves. AND, most importantly, we can live healthy until we die. This is the main reason I felt compelled to start this blog! BUT…

I’ve also been thinking a great deal about how we are treated as we age. I hit the double nickel November 17 and I’m already noticing that in some situations I am ignored and skipped over for someone younger. What the???? Have you experienced this? So I am proposing that we stand up and stand out! What form will that take for you?

When I was a kid, all the moms cut off their hair into mom styles and wore mom clothes. The mom who dressed fashionably or had long hair was definitely fodder for gossip. And anyone who was “elderly” definitely had a certain style. Though that seems to have changed for most of us, we now face the botox, face lift, plastic surgery thing. What is wrong with just taking our faces as they come if that’s what we want? Or not? Have you seen the documentary, Advanced Style? These ladies take their fashion to a level of art because it brings them joy! They didn’t buy into any restrictions on what you can and cannot wear as you age. And I don’t either!

I’ve noticed that an awful lot of people spend their aging years sitting in front of the television. Is this really the best way to spend time? When we are close to death, will we regret missing a TV show? Or will we regret not learning, loving, being, creating, moving…? We can challenge ourselves physically, and the more we do, the stronger we will become.

The great thing about Radical Aging is: there are no rules. We are going to do things differently. For those of us born on the tail end of the baby boom, our lives are definitely going to be different than those born in the early years. And definitely different than our parents. We are unlikely to retire at 65 and are far more likely to have already had several jobs and maybe reinvented ourselves more than once. As we near “retirement age” we may be looking at less than adequate funds and wondering what we’re going to do. Aren’t we supposed to retire and putt around on the golf course or travel the world? Probably not. But what will it look like? We are the ones reinventing aging and retirement.

What are you going to find in this blog? Tips for aging healthy. Interviews with people who are radically aging. Dressing as you please. Occasional recipes. Rethinking activity. Vlogs. And I’ll definitely take suggestions. Aging is not for sissies! We are strong and will make our voices heard. Want to join me in this? Sign up for the blog  and share with your friends.

Let’s be RADICAL!

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