Revert to the training, what this means

Revert to the training, what this means

Revert to the training: 

That’s what most of us do, most of the time. Wondering what I’m talking about? Think about a long distance runner. He/she has trained to just keep running. They learn how much water to drink along the way, when they need food, what foods give them energy to keep going, and when they feel like they want to give up, they revert to the training. They picture everything they’ve done to train for their moment, and they make it through the run to finish.

Ask anyone in the armed forces how they managed to get out in the field and not freeze in moments of crisis and they will tell you, they revert to their training. Their training become internalized. They can call up what to do in any situation because they have been highly trained. The same is true for any one trained in a highly specific manner, they will revert to the training over trying something new.

Revert to the training:

What does this have to do with Radical Aging? The majority of us have grown up eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), heavy on the meat, sugar and processed foods, and light on the fruits and vegetables. Sadly, we have internalized this as a way of life. When we try to lose weight, we can do it for a short time, but then we revert to our training. That’s right, we go right back to what we learned through commercials and our own family kitchen, all which extolled the goodness of sugar laden processed foods, along with processed meats, white bread and cheese food. We loved the stuff and so did our moms, because it was easy and who doesn’t like easy? Maybe our palate is a little more sophisticated these days, but most of us are still eating processed foods, lots of sugar, and not enough fruits and vegetables.


How do we retrain? Well, speaking from my own experience, retraining is hard, BUT, I’m finding that by writing about what I’m eating, and consciously thinking about what nutrients I’m receiving from what I’m eating, I am slowly retraining myself to think before I eat. I still make impulsive decisions on occasion, like yesterday, buying a chocolate bar filled with coconut, but I only took one bite and the rest I’m donating to the trashcan. Look, don’t gasp at my wastefulness. It’s already been bought and paid for, there’s no taking it back, no undoing that, but throwing it away is a good lesson for my training. Don’t spend money on nutrient deficient food, and I will remember that wastefulness next time I impulsively reach for candy which will hopefully train me not to buy it in the first place.

Nutrient rich food:

Other ways I am retraining myself is to think of nutrients and eat the most nutrient rich foods as possible. This makes it pretty hard to eat junk food. There’s an app, Nutrition Facts, the daily dozen, which has helped me a lot. When I look through the list there, how can I even fit in junk food, as there is so much nutrient rich food I have to eat first. Though I do find that when traveling, hitting all the foods becomes more difficult, but I can at least remind myself of what I’m aiming for in the end and get as many as possible.

Who knew living healthy to the end, meant a whole new training regimen? But I think if the alternative is being on tons of meds and possibly incapacitated by heart disease, diabetes, or joints worn out from being over weight, I’ll take the retraining happily. This is just another journey, one I’m enjoying for sure. I hope you’ll join me!

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  1. So true. Awesome food for thought, no pun intended. 🙂


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