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Smile on

Your Turn Challenge, Day 4. I have been writing early in the morning this week, but today I was thrown off by a dental appointment. No one likes going to the dentist, but you want to keep that big beautiful smile going, right? My visit changed the course of my thoughts, however, and I thought I would just say, taking care of your teeth as you age becomes even more important than when you were young. A generation ago, people assumed that you would lose teeth as you aged and eventually end up with dentures. However, health professionals now know, that if you take care of your teeth and mouth and have no genetic disease, most people can keep the majority of their teeth until they die. But you must be proactive. That means brush after every meal or at least morning and night. Floss before you brush and if possible, use a water pik several times a week.

As we age, we create less saliva which means food sticks to, and between, our teeth far more than it did when we were young, so flossing and brushing regular is essential. Also, if you are into juicing, or drink sweet beverages during the day, pay close attention to brushing, as juices are hard on enamel if it sits there for any length of time.

Taking care of your teeth can keep you healthy in more ways than just dental health. Gum disease has been closely related to heart disease, so if you have bleeding and tender gums, see a hygienist and be checked for periodontal disease, but more importantly, see your doctor for a check up as well.

I know, I know, I probably sound like a commercial, but you will be happier and healthier if you take care of those choppers, so get to it! Make that appointment and keep that beautiful smile going!

Keep RAging!

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