Stopped in my tracks

Stopped in my tracks

I hadn’t run in about four years. I was never a great runner, but I loved it. After I got hit with sciatica and had some neck problems, I was stopped in my tracks. I was finished. Total bummer. I really liked running. Then I kept hearing about

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Lots of long distance runners love them and when a guy I know who runs lots of marathons came into REI and bought six pairs for his entire family at Christmas, I started thinking about running again. Maybe they would be the answer to my neck problem so why not give them a go? And so I bought some. Loved them. They put me in great running position so my neck didn’t hurt and I chose the minimalist Clifton, and with that marshmallowy cushion, I was in heaven. Until….pain in my hips. My hip flexors to be exact. Could not believe it. What the heck? Am I going to have to stop again?

Then I went on a cruise and met this guy, Dave Scott, six time Hawaii Triathlon Ironman winner. He’s also the new spokesperson for the Aquatic Training Vessel over at Marquis Spas.

Me and Dave Scott











He and his partner, Christine Bell, both emphasized the importance of having¬†your hip flexors working well which means you’ve got to have strong glutes. That’s right, your butt has got to be in shape, giving a whole new meaning to ‘baby got back’! I have run a couple of times since I got to France. Feels so good while running, but lots of pain there after in the hip flexors. I am now taking two weeks off and concentrating on, you guessed it, getting my butt in shape. Though I know it will take longer than two weeks, that will give me a good start. I always thought my yoga practice kept things in pretty good shape, but with aging, we have to work a little harder and a little more concentrated. So if your backside needs some help, check out these glute activation exercises and then move on to actual glute work.

No matter your age, (check with your doctor first though) it’s never too late to get in shape.¬†What issues are you facing in your workout? Let’s get the discussion going and help each other out! If you like this, please share the love by clicking the buttons below and let’s all get moving!

Keep RAging!

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