What about walking?

What about walking?

Today I am committing to the 7day Your Turn challenge proposed by Winnie Kao, a member of Seth Godin’s team. This challenge is about producing and putting it out there. I usually post once a week, but how about this week, I send you, my readers, a daily challenge for your radical aging?

We all get a little creaky during the aging process, but we don’t have to let it stop us. Matter of fact, if you do let it stop you, you will find yourself dead in your tracks. Movement is one of the key components to staying healthy. In the Blue Zones, the areas in the world where large pockets of people live healthy to 100+, the one thing they all had in common was that they walk 5 miles or more a day. But understand this, they didn’t put on their walking shoes and go out to complete a 5 mile walk, they spent time throughout the day getting around, doing chores, going to visit friends, and they spent time outdoors.

I know, 5 miles? Are you kidding me? While this may sound like a lot, it’s really not and totally doable. This weekend I decided to go on a walkabout. I started from my house and went to a local coffee shop. From there I walked to lunch at a favorite restaurant. I then wandered around our little downtown. In all, about 6 miles. I then took the bus home, as it was close to sunset and here in the mountain desert, it gets cold when that sun drops. Your walkabout does not have to be one that costs money, I also like to just wander around our city streets and look for oddities, or people watch, or just enjoy the sunshine.

We all live busy lives, but think about how slow your life will become if you can’t get around, if you give into that creaky, pesky aging stuff. Make the time to walk. I walk to work most days, a 2 1/2 mile jaunt. Yes, it means I have to leave to work earlier, but what a great way to start the day! Live too far from your place of work? Then park a couple of miles away and walk the rest of the distance. Walk on your lunch hour. Park far distances from places you must drive and walk. Walk around your house at night. Stay busy. Buy a fitbit or a similar gadget and see how much you actually do walk. Mine really helped me up my game. Take the time my friends, and walk.

Okay Radical Agers, what are you waiting for?? Let’s get moving. See you on the streets!

Be Radical!

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