What if there was a cure for cancer?

What if there was a cure for cancer?

What if there were a cure for cancer? What if the cure was what you eat? How many pharmaceutical companies would be put out of a revenue stream they rely on? How many doctors would have to find a new line of work? How many ‘let’s beat cancer’ by running a race would no loner exist? How much income would no longer be generated for all these entities? A LOT! So what is the likelihood anyone is going to come out and say ‘eat a plant based diet to beat the odds against cancer?’ I’m guessing it’s not going to happen even though research is showing time and time again, what you eat can cause cancer and what you eat can fight off cancer.

Cancer is the scariest word on the planet to most people. No one wants to get cancer, yet we daily increase our odds of cancer invading our bodies through what we eat. Eating the Standard American Diet is the best way to acquire cancer. Eating a plant based diet is the best way to fight it. How do I eat a plant based diet, you ask? Eat NINE servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Yes, I said NINE! 9! Then add some healthy grains, some nuts and seeds, at least a cup of beans, spice things up, and drink lots of water. Cut out sugar and dairy (oops! I’m crossing the line now, right?) and cut out meat, (say what? Meat? Oh yeah, that’s right) and you could be on your way to living healthy to the end of your life! Just so you know, processed meats, that means sandwich meats, smoked meats, conglomerated what the hell is in this meat, hams, hotdogs, processed sausages, etc have been classified as first class carcinogens by the WHO (World Health Organization). You’re not going to hear that from anyone in the USA, but it’s true. These meats are on the same level of cancer causing substances as cigarettes.

Now that I’ve thrown that out there, take your time. Think about how to start cleaning up your diet. Nothing happens over night. Change takes time. And don’t take my word for it. Check out the studies at nutritionfacts.org┬áby entering cancer in the search window. There is a wealth of info here, not backed by big money, no advertising, and a doctor who just wants to give you the facts. I just want us all to live healthy!

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Keep RAging! Have a healthy day and I’ll see you next week!


  1. I just watched “Forks Over Knives” on Netflix and it all makes sense. I am having a hard time trying to say no to dairy…do you miss it? No more Greek yogurt is difficult to imagine. Loved Big Magic….and thanks for your insightful words.

    • Thanks for your comment! I do miss cheese occasionally, but for the most part no. It sort of clogs things up the next day, so I just remind myself of that and it makes it easier. I try not to be a freak though about my eating and if I end up in a situation where everything has cheese, I just eat a small amount. I think if you want to indulge now and then, just be sure and get an artisan cheese with no hormones, and goat or sheep is better because the proteins are smaller and easier to digest. RAge On!


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