Wheeler Peak Style

Wheeler Peak Style

I am loving reading all the blogs, blogs, blogs on style for those of us over age 50, but I don’t think anyone is covering style on the peaks, and since I hiked Wheeler Peak this fall, I thought I would be the first to offer Wheeler Peak Style! I love being outdoors and hiking is my favorite way to do it and having the right equipment makes it a lot more fun.







This is what I wore when I did my first trek to the highest point of New Mexico, 13,161 ft (4,011 meters). My REI pants, easily rolled up and buttoned should it become hot, easy to move in, and breathable; a sleeveless breathable tank; a long sleeve, light weight, breathable t-shirt; a long sleeve blouse, UPF +50 from Columbia; a long sleeve blue hoodie, breathable with a little heft for warmth and a Prana jacket, wind resistant and water repellent. I brought my rain gear just in case, as storms often blow up across these mountains in the afternoon. Lucky for us, no rain. I wore my Merrell light weight, minimalist hiking shoes, with Wright brand, no blister socks. Was I stylish? Well, maybe. But was I prepared? Yes!

I carried my REI Traverse day pack with food, water, rain gear and emergency gear, like a first aid kit and a space blanket. There’s quite conveniently attached a whistle to the cross strap in the front. How cool is that? Whatever you do in the great outdoors, having the right gear makes all the difference. I work part-time at REI Santa Fe and I’m a camp/climb specialist so I love helping people outfit themselves for their adventures. After a part-time local went missing in the mountains this summer, a lot of people showed up looking to add gear to their packs to avoid her mistake. She was day hiking, wandered off the trail looking for mushrooms and became disoriented. She did not carry gear for emergency and when she couldn’t find her way back, and the temperatures dropped to near freezing, she perished. Weather can turn on you in a heartbeat and even expert hikers can become disoriented just 100 feet off the trail, so be prepared. Know how to use a compass, map and add a GPS to your gear. And dress for success!

What’s your favorite adventure? Questions on what to pack? Just ask! Here’s a few pics from the trail:

selfie with a view

At the top: selfie with a view

frosty September morn

frosty September morn

Williams Lake

Williams Lake

marmots greet us along the trail

Marmots greet us along the trail

end of the trail

A beer with my friends at the end of the trail



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