Where have I been?

Where have I been?









Bonjour mes amis!

Does that give it away? Sorry I’ve been missing for so long. It has been a whirlwind of a month and I’ve neglected to write here. ¬†Where have I been? My husband’s work takes us here and there, but for now, we have landed in Lyon, France for three months and I am loving our maison loin de la maison! Oui! We have been here a week and already comfortable with negotiating the city, as we have had short visits here many times in the past. I already have my favorite grocery and best of all, a favorite boulangerie, a place for baguettes and pastries, but ooh la la, I am going to have to pace myself when it comes to those pastries! Our own home is being occupied by a dear friend, which leaves us worry free on that front and so there you have it.

As for Radical Aging, I have so much on my mind to share with you here over the next few weeks. I have hit some barriers in my running and want to share with you what’s happening, and possibly some insights. I also want to talk about writing and what the process can do for you. And, if all goes well, I hope to share some video.

Until then,

Keep RAging!


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