Why we all need sistering in our lives

Why we all need sistering in our lives

Why we all need sistering

What is sistering:

I learned the term sistering yesterday: the reinforcement of a structural member by nailing or attaching a stronger piece to a weaker piece. (from the Dictionary of Construction) Now before you think I’ve gone into construction, let me explain. Glennon Doyle Melton‘s new book, Love Warrior, was released yesterday and Marie Forleo interviewed her on MarieTV. (If you don’t know about these two ladies, you should so be sure and click on them.) Glennon used this term to explain how much we need our sisters, whether biological or not. And guys, if you’re reading, you need your brothers in the same way. I’ve been blessed with two amazing sisters. We are so different, but we love each other and look out for one another. I’ve also been blessed with some amazing sister friends over my lifetime.


When do we need sistering:

We’ve all had tough times in our life. Going it alone makes the difficulties hard to bear. However, when we reach out for support from those closest to us, the burden is shared, making us stronger. My sisters were there for me when I went through a divorce sixteen years ago. I couldn’t talk to my parents about what I was facing, but my sisters were there and helped me through. I also had some friend sisters that helped pull me out of the deepest darkest moments, to get me back on my feet. You often find out who your true friends are when you face a crisis because only they will have your back.


Why is sistering important:

As a certified health coach, I am constantly reading about health issues and several years ago I picked up The Blue Zones, by Dan Buettner. He studied the pockets of populations in the world who live the longest and then determined what they have in common. Not only is a primarily plant based diet one of the main commonalities, (notice how I always throw that in there, hint, hint!) but also strong ties to family and strong social connections. People who have these ties live longer, healthier lives. We need our sisters my friends. We need them to shore us up in the tough times, and to be there to laugh with in the good times. We need our sistering.


What to do if you lack sistering:

We need sistering, so maybe joining a Meet-up group, or taking a class, or reaching out to co-workers, might allow you to make connections. Sometimes we just feel too vulnerable to make new friends and if that’s the case then you need Brene Brown‘s book, Daring GreatlyI’ll be reviewing this book in an upcoming blog, but for now, if fear of vulnerability keeps you from having relationships, then read her book! Healthy living means sistering is part of your life. What are you waiting for?

Keep RAging! 

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