Radical Aging


Action relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something;


the process of growing old

taking positive ACTION towards 

the fundamental nature of aging!

Keep Moving

Walk, Run, Bike, Hike, Climb

Just MOVE!

Eat Healthy

Unprocessed, real food! 

Enjoy Beauty

Take time in nature,

embrace spiritual wellbeing!

“When you are close to death will you regret missing a TV show? Or will you regret not learning, loving, being, creating, moving…?” 

-Jane Thompson Hasenmueller




“There IS a fountain of youth: It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will have truly defeated age.” 

-Sophia Loren

A Surprising Self-care Concept

A Surprising Self-care Concept

Self-Care Concept A surprising self-care concept came to me as I tried to write the promised Self Care Tips, but kept coming up with the same ole tried and true, which of course are great, but then I heard Brene Brown say this when Tim Ferris interviewed her for his show: “Routine will set you free.” And then I knew, that’s it. That is the best self-care tip I could ever offer anyone. I’m not talking rigid, can’t change anything kind of routine, I’m talking about the things that keep your life organized and make your brain stay free of clutter. What could be more self-care than this?  Uncertain times call for Self-care We are living in uncertain times and that can be a bit unnerving, but when our daily lives are the only thing we somewhat have control of, then routine is just what we need for self-care. Being in lock down might seem the time to throw routine out the window, however, routine is certainty and that can be comforting.  Travel and Routine We travel a great deal, and getting out of a routine wears on me. I love the travel, but I love being home and getting back into the groove. When we started coming to live in France three months of the year, it was partly to give ourselves the ability to maintain a bit of routine without the constant back and forth. Who knew this year would turn into a crisis? Being in lockdown twenty minutes from Paris may sound like a dream, but it’s not when you can’t get there. Self-care had to become... read more
Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Love in the time of coronavirus, is a rapidly developing conversation among those sequestered away with our partners. I mean, when was the last time you spent 24/7 together with no break? We both work from home anyway, but my husband usually travels every couple of weeks, so 24/7 is new to us too. To add to this, we live in France three months of the year for our work, and we got here just a few weeks before everything came to a standstill, leaving us stranded in France until the end of May. I know, I know, France right? But I’m missing my own kitchen and all my equipment, and my mountains where I could at least be out wandering. Here, we are on strict lockdown. Grocery, exercise and doctor only, with one caveat, you have to do it all alone! That being said, however, at least we are safe, and possibly safer here than we would be in the USA where it seems peeps are slow to take this   seriously. I hope all of you are staying safe from the virus, but I thought maybe I should share some tips on keeping your partnership safe. By the way, these work with your kids too, and for single parents alone with kids. Here goes with some Love in the time of Coronavirus ideas: 1. Hug each other.  I mean seriously hug, till you feel each other relax. Physical contact is important for our well being. Put the bear back in hug! 2. Share the workload. Being home 24/7 means there are a lot more dishes being used,... read more
Hello, It’s Me!

Hello, It’s Me!

Dear Beautiful RAgers,

Hello, it’s me and I’m back. Hopefully you haven’t forgotten being subscribed to this blog. I disappeared almost two years ago after posting a guest blogger. That post appeared on March 12, 2018. Two weeks later, on the day my next post would have published, my oldest son unexpectedly died. Needless to say, my blog was the last thing on my mind. Last year, I was contemplating working on my blog again. I went to update my plugins and the whole site went white. However, two days later, my father died. I never came back to find out what went wrong. As I approach the two year anniversary of my son’s death, I have written a long post about my experience and grief. It is far too long for a blog post, so if you would like to read it, please…

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“No one can avoid aging, but aging productively is something else.”

-Katharine Graham